Sleep Research

The Emory Program is Sleep is dedicated to discovery of new knowledge through research.  We view these efforts as essential to advancing our understanding of sleep and its impact on our society. Our program has contributors from a diverse background of disciplines and addresses sleep across a broad spectrum of disciplines including anthropology (Carol Worthman), literature (Ben Reiss), pharmacology (Andrew Jenkins), genetics (David Weinshenker), cell biology (Subhabrata Sanyal), and many medicine specialties. The latter include pulmonology (Nancy Collop), neurology (David Rye, Donald Bliwise, Lynn Marie Trotti, and Amanda Freeman), neurosurgery (John Willie), anesthesiology (Paul Garcia), and nursing (Ann Rogers).

Within the neurosciences there are substantial interests and efforts in the collaborative study of the biologies of restless legs syndrome, hypersomnia, and interactions of the aging nervous sytem and neurodegenrative diseases with sleep. The specturm of methodological approaches is broad and representative of basic science, and patient oriented research inclusive of clinical trials.  Through these efforts, we strive to develop therapies and educational programs to advance knoweldge in the field with one ultimate intent being to improve the lives of the patients and the communities that we serve.